Late Night Support has awesome support:
Me (2am Pacific): one of my friends just tried to email me and it bounced
David (4am Central): the mailbox is still active.
David: could your friend sent me the headers of the bounced email?

This is why I pay for this account. They have a real employee who answered my “livechat” and asked the right question right away. We didn’t figure out why my French friend’s email sent from gmail didn’t go through, but what I wanted to know most was if not having made my yearly “keep my email account active” payment yet had shut down my account. It hadn’t, and my gut says that the email got bounced for being suspiciously French. ;)

I don’t know when I got my email address, but it is likely that it was as early as 1996 or 1997. That is a long time to have one email address — not epic, just long.

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  1. Maybe because I send you a lot of non sense and stupid emails, considered me as an active and dangerous french spammer.

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