All I Post Are Wishlists

Deja vu: Sarah asked for my wishlist. This is up to date!

Kegerator kit (beer is good for you, gin is not)
Deep Fryer (with cool touch outside)

Name: Jesse Mullan
Shirt size XL
Pant Size 38x30
Shoe Size 9
Hat Size: Goorin Brothers Large
Neck Size: Sweaty
Mobile Model: Droid X
Electronics already owned: PS2, PS3, HTPC, stereo

By making a list of your favorite things, one should be able to determine something great, that you will love and be able to use. Try to list a few examples of each category!
Color: Black
Smell: Murder
Food: Mexican (especially Yucatecan)
Author: Tim Powers (I have almost everything except Dinner at Deviant’s Palace), but maybe you should buy some for yourself
Book Genre: Magical Realism, cookbooks
Movie Genre: Awesome?
Pop/Counter Culture Genre: Hip hop, yo? 90s grunge. Okay, that’s totally it. Hipster?
Clothing Type: Black, anything from Upper Playground
Jewelry Style: None
Hobbies: The internet, photography, cars (Subarus and rally cars, especially), anything involving a big hammer
Activities: hiking, cycling
Rob Ullman
Devon Smith
Barnaby Ward
(hahaha purchase here: Copro Gallery
Fuck beans, anything from:
Copro Gallery
Hen N Chicks
Skullz Press
R. Lootine
(I *do* need issues 7 and 9, and 6 and 8, I think)
Penny Arcade:
Consider the Sugoi Sakura Zip-Up Hoodie, the Dickwolves Pennant, or any of the books
Writing down a few items that you dislike in each category will reduce the likelihood that you will give or receive something that is disliked.

Color: Fuschia
Smell: Vanilla
Food: Surprise Nuts
Book Genre: Anything from the bargain aisle in Barnes and Noble
Movie Genre:
Pop/Counter Culture Genre: Furry
Clothing Type: Preppy
Jewelry Style: Ugh.
Hobbies: building models or anything fiddly. (I do like soldering, though)
Activities: Board games and card games

Please Avoid These Items (make a short list of items you do not want or need):

Some people just prefer to get that itemized list. Put down your top 3 wish list picks for all of the Santas in your life.
Canon 5D

Amazon: Shop internetally, buy locally
Geek: (goofy t-shirts that I would be glad to explain)
bhphoto: lenses

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