Walking Down Hennepin, I Swear I Never Had a Gun

Paul and I got up at the crack of my ass to work on a photo project that I have been thinking of for a long time — photographing the length of Hennipen. I shot five rolls of film but no digital. I kind of missed having my digital camera — I might have shot more than the 180 pictures that I did if I would have had all the modern conveniences available to me — like color.

There weren’t enough people on the street to get into hassling people for street portraits, and I don’t think that I had been out long enough to build up the courage. I think that I should do it again on Lake Street, and maybe wander around Northeast and/or downtown. I dunno, my goal was to shoot Minneapolis like I have shot New York, but Minneapolis is just too spread out and oftentimes seems so clean and extruded — like we pour our buildings into molds and let them set over a couple of days before gluing windows onto the outside.

Nonetheless, I think this is still a good idea — especially if I could actually talk to some people.

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  1. Found this online through Springboard for the Arts. Thought you and/or Paul may be interested!

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Opportunities Item Type: Visual Artists - Submit your Work
    Opportunity Description: The Minneapolis Public Library is seeking donations of photographs of the city of Minneapolis from 1950 to the present for its Photo Collection. View the current collection at www.mplib.org/photos.asp. Images may be black and white or color prints and/or negatives and may include buildings and houses (interior and exterior), skyline views, events and people. You must own the rights to the images and be willing to give the library the rights to publish them. Donations may range from a single photograph to an entire collection. For more information contact JoEllen Haugo at 612-630-6353 or jhaugo@mplib.org

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