New Variable Names

Lately I have been using three more variable names:

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Start Wearing Purple

I’m pleased to mention that I just mailed paperwork over to Yahoo! Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale, California accepting their offer and signing away the rights to any inventions I might make while toiling in their internet forges. Clang! will sound my internet hammer, and pixelated sparks will flicker in the air over my head. The Thanksgiving holiday has extended my two weeks at SugarCRM, but I have a vested interest in making the transition smooth: some of my options have vested! Plus, I’ve made some good friends at Sugar, and I’d hate to leave a tangle of a half-finished project.

I start at Yahoo! on December seventh, and I will be working in the Systems Engineering and Development group as a Software Development Engineer. Basically, I’ll be jumping feet first into a team of full-stack web developers and systems admins, who build and maintain web applications from the system calls to the css positioning — at least if you use the intense interviews as a reference.

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Sad News

After five years of being a member of the core developers of the Gallery open source software — and reaping many personal, academic, and professional rewards from the same, I quietly left the team on Thursday. A large contingent of the core developers had met at the extended Googleplex here in Mountain View to sit down and hammer out as much of the next version of Gallery as possible. Halfway through day two I realized that my heart simply wasn’t in it. Yes, I still love software development, and still need software to manage my images, but somewhere during my sabbatical for school I drifted away and just never came back. Splitting from your high school girlfriend when you go to college is a bit cliché, but that’s pretty much what happened. I continued to offer logistical support to the team for the rest of the week, but Thursday afternoon I went back to my day job and tried to stay out of the way of Gallery’s progress.

Leaving was an incredibly difficult decision. I am still a bit flattened by it.

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Make With the New Server

Dear Mediatemple who is not hosting most of my service any more,
I realize that this is a difficult breakup and that you still have some of my stuff, but I hope that we can be friends in the future. Just don’t lie to me or trash talk my friends and we’re cool in my book.

With love always,

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What the?

Dear Mediatemple who went to the bar with me last night,
I think that you know where this post is going, so I will leave the completion up to you.

With love,

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Announcing Code or Theory

If you’re looking for more technical writing (not usually the domain of this blog) you can head over to my new blog: Code || Theory. That’s not “Code 2 Theory,” those are vertical bars, and two of them together is an “OR” operation in PHP (and likely other places). If you don’t understand that, you’re probably not the target audience of the new place, where I will likely never swear or post photographs.

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What the Fuck? There’s No Floor?

I have been working hard on my “game” for class all day. I’m up to like three pots of coffee so far.

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I hope that you like the new site design. Also, give me a call if you don’t know how to get to my apartment, so you can come enjoy the launch party. Hooray!

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Dear Media Temple, Again

I very much appreciate your peace offering of two shirts, a coffee mug, and three lanyards, but what I really want is an apology and a definition of a GPU in finite terms.

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Fight Spam With Arthur

With apologies to the Tick. For a long time I spent hours a day deleting spam comments from my blog. I used to update my naughty word blacklists on a regular basis. I lost time like a blackout drunk, only without all the “oh gosh I ruined my life so maybe I’d better never delete spam again business.” These days I’m above all that.

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