Make With the New Server

Dear Mediatemple who is not hosting most of my service any more,
I realize that this is a difficult breakup and that you still have some of my stuff, but I hope that we can be friends in the future. Just don’t lie to me or trash talk my friends and we’re cool in my book.

With love always,

For those of you who are not magnetically handsome mediatemple employees, I bid you welcome to the new digs — a server in a rack in Atlanta. You probably won’t notice anything different, but I get to do stuff like set PHP opcode caching and evict all PHP4 from my box. Yes, things were down for 12 hours or so, but that was just because I jumped the gun on changing the DNS.

I don’t know why, either — I’m all about the testing and clean migration plans.

Whatevs. Now that this beast lives, I can see about posting about San Francisco.

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  1. Maybe over at your sister blog you could post the results of some tests. I want to see the output from ab stress testing your gallery 2 install with APC and without APC for starters.

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