Doomtree at Grand Old Day

If you know me, you know that I love sweaty outdoor fairs, where mini donuts and cold beer flow like water. I went to Rock the Garden with Sarah, but that is not what this post is about — no, this post is about me conning Paul into going to Grand Old Day with me to see Doomtree.


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Totally. Brutally. Free.

Dethklok played the Great Hall of Coffman Union, where I work. I was lucky enough to get up to the secret AV tech balcony and take some crowd shots for future concert promotional materials.

We unloaded for both Dethklok and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. That was the day before yesterday and I still feel like hamburger.


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International Espionage

Paul and I went to Funk at the Fred.

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I think that I have it figured out

My command of the English language occasionally breaks down into seemingly random strings of words bearing no relation to traditional rules of grammar and meaning. I blame Gogol Bordello.

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Algorithm Dance Sequence

From Youtube (you can watch it there).

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Dessa at Making Music

I went to the Making Music thing in the Whole Music Club at work. I had only my 50mm lens and my D30, so I had to walk around a lot to try to vary my shots. Plus, holy dark venue. Anyway, maybe this you enjoy, no?


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Rise Or Rust

I heard some kind of clatter from the fifth floor of Coffman as I was heading home tonight. Out front local band Rise or Rust was playing. I didn’t know it was them, so I was about to leave, but they surprised me with “Folsom Prison Blues,” and it wasn’t terrible, so I hung around. By the second song I remembered that I had my camera.

Trucker hat
Rise or Rust

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Babie’s Got The Rabies

So, if’n you’re all “hey, Jesse, where can I listen to music featuring fuzz bass and a keytar?” I have the answer for you in the form of “Duchess Says.”

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My Sweetest Friend

Oh no. Oh no. So wrong.

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Maybe I Do

“[Jesse]’s got a Haley Boner hair doll,” Zach said just now.

A: That’s not how you pronounce her name.
B: Zach is just jealous

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