Ow, My Perineum

For a long time I looked down my nose at people with sore asses after riding their bikes. Now, two days into my return to bicycle commuting — or rather, by three miles into the first day (and today is the second) — my ass feels like I am smuggling hot coals betwixt my cheeks. In other news, I bought new camouflage handlebar tape, so now I am ready for your basic Red Dawn scenario.


Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

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Last Time on Jesse Mullan

Memorial Day weekend was unexpectedly busy.

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Woke Up the Same So I Slept In Again

Picture pages picture page time to get your pens and your pixels.

This meat store is no more:

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Sarah keeps calling it a “studio crawl,” but somehow that doesn’t conjure up the pomp and circumstance of live bands and other ridiculousness that happens in Northeast. There was much bicycle.

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Dear Brown Bicycle That Was Loitering Outside of My Building All Day

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need a relaxed boulevard cruiser with panniers big enough to transport a case of beer*. Lo and behold, someone left their brown cruiser unlocked in front of my building for an entire day.

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Not biking up the mountain on Johnson Avenue has really changed the experience for me. Instead of saving all the exertion for a mile or so of climbing into the heavens (where the Keathlys live), I spread it liberally along Franklin from Cedar to 3rd, and in doing so get to enjoy things like night air and the smells from the bakery about half way here. I’m even not completely dead from the experience!

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Professor, What’s Another Name For Pirate Treasure?

Today I did many things. I had a job interview at my job to get hired to do more job things. I faxed in proof of employment (for suitably internet printed definitions of “proof”) and was immediately approved to rent an apartment for about the same rent as the place in Anoka, except on my own. I finished my Computer Science 4061 homework instead of clocking in at work so that I could go to Sarah’s studio and review her work so she could have some feedback before her first year MFA review thing tomorrow, only to have her cancel when I called at five, but hey, that was okay, because I needed to put that time in on the homework anyway or it wouldn’t have been done in time, I went to my “Introduction to the Internet” class and then followed my professor to the eating and boozing establishment known as the “Big 10.”

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Six Months Without You

It was September first when last I rode my bike — I think that the last day in August was the one where I found out that my brakes work terrifically as I flew over the handlebars and into the path of an oncoming car. Fortunately they had a stop sign.
Surly Cross-Check

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What Do Cyclists and McDonald’s Have in Common?


Ha ha ha ha ha… ha… ha ha… sigh.

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Don’t Tell My Other Customers

I dropped off my bike at Hiawatha Cyclery on Friday. It’s funny how being away from it for a couple of weeks gave me a fresh perspective.

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