Summer Lovin’

Lovin’ summer? I had no idea! When those good folks at Onestop ruined my spring, then unintentionally freed up my summer from the onerous task of going to any classes. Wow. Instead, I get to read books, watch Doctor Who, and completely hose up my sleep schedule on three day weekends. Maybe that last one isn’t so good, but it has kept me reasonably sane while I work and work on secret projects. You might even catch me smiling from time to time.

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I Am Feeling Fairly Smug

Today we had the sort of weather for which Minnesota is not famous: sunny, breezy and warm-yet-not-too-warm. I took advantage of it by slipping into my new stripy cardigan and strolling across campus to Onestop. On the way I saw university police officers rolling past on their bicycles and thought to myself that maybe I would just be arrested once I set foot in Frasier Hall.

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Hey Onestop!

You know, I think the best way to prepare for a visit to Onestop is a visit to the dentist, which is what I just did. Now that I’m used to pain, it’s time for a sojourn across campus. The Onestop people prepared by looking me up and visiting my personal website, which is the blog that you are reading right now.

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Maybe Helping U

Today is, I believe, Tuesday, which makes yesterday Monday. I was supposed to get a call from the guy in Onestop [Not] Helping You on Friday by noon, but somehow that translated into “I’m sorry that I didn’t call back, but I wanted to make sure that I knew bla bla bla…” If a customer is already irate and you don’t follow through by the time that you say you will — even if just to say “no news, but you’re my top priority,” then obviously said customer is not your top priority. I called two extra times on Friday but didn’t get him on the phone.

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Financial Updates

I got a letter from the University telling me that my student account is now past due. Past due accounts lead to being dropped from your classes. Can they drop me five days before my final?

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So Angry

I got a call from a financial aid advisor
“So and so said that you wanted me to call her.”
“Yeah, I had a question for her — I think that I asked her to call me back, not you.”
“She asked that I call you back because last time you became… agitated.”
“Oh, I become agitated whenever I talk to anyone from Onestop or financial aid.”
“Uh, did you have a question that you wanted answered?”
“No, it’s been like a month, and I forget now.”

It HAS been a month. Really, I should just randomly call every day to spew invectives at Onestop, the financial aid office, and the office of the president. All I want is timely and correct information about classes, financial aid, and how I can continue to attend the University. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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Kvetching Up

I was going to post about trying to apply for additional loans during the summer session, but it was just a long, angry rant. Suffice it to say that Onestop advisers gave me incomplete, incorrect, and conflicting information over the course of a half dozen emails and phone calls, and that when I finally talked to the person who eventually denied my request (without notifying me), she didn’t actually care that the website does not contain useful information.

“Not everyone reads that site anyway.”

Jesus Hairy Christ on a dog gammed pogo stick, it’s not like it’s my blog, it is the official communication of the University on the subject of loans.

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Sometimes HelpingU

First I want to give my utmost thanks to Ann from HelpingU for taking quick and decisive action with regards to my SELF loans. Not having that problem hanging over my head meant that I could spend the last three weeks of classes only stressing about homework and finals. However, a new semester is upon us, and with new semesters come new problems, or at least new combinations of old problems.

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Not Helping U

My mother just got a letter saying that our reapplication for the SELF loan was declined because we had already gotten the maximum amount for the year.

I have been calling “Helping U” for days now. Here is an example of the conversations:
“Hello, my name is Jesse Mullan. I would like to inquire as to the status of my financial aid.”
“What? I don’t understand what you are asking. Financial what?”

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Make up your mind

So, of course there was a debacle involving unexpected holds on my ability to register for classes in December which took a week or two to resolve. Then I thought that I had to wait to register for the 5xxx classes with my favorite professor (Carl Sturtivant) because I hadn’t finished 4041 yet, so I didn’t notice that I also needed a magic number because I am technically still a sophomore. Professor Sturtivant is in the hospital for something until after the first week of class, so I can’t get a hold of him to impress upon him how much taking his classes will fit my work schedule and general plan for graduating or at least making it through the semester without getting a machete and slaughtering a room full of classmates plus any random people on the street until the SWAT team shows up and takes me down with far too many bullets. If I were in those classes, plus the photography class that I am waitlisted for, I could conceivably take Diff EQ again this semester, thusly freeing up my summer for Spanish or perhaps (and I am terrified and shamed for even mentioning this) an internship someplace… like Google. I can’t even say that I would have a realistic chance of getting it, what with my academic record being so spotty — what with my life being so fucking spotty.

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