So Angry

I got a call from a financial aid advisor
“So and so said that you wanted me to call her.”
“Yeah, I had a question for her — I think that I asked her to call me back, not you.”
“She asked that I call you back because last time you became… agitated.”
“Oh, I become agitated whenever I talk to anyone from Onestop or financial aid.”
“Uh, did you have a question that you wanted answered?”
“No, it’s been like a month, and I forget now.”

It HAS been a month. Really, I should just randomly call every day to spew invectives at Onestop, the financial aid office, and the office of the president. All I want is timely and correct information about classes, financial aid, and how I can continue to attend the University. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

3 Responses to “So Angry ”

  1. So unacceptable. Wow. Agitated!?! Really!!! I wonder why. . .

    Even if you were “agitated” last time, which you had every right to be, that is no excuse for them to avoid a fucking client. You are the university’s client. You are paying them for services. In return, they are routinely asking you to bend over, wait a month and then get “serviced”.

    I think you also should e-mail them daily too and stop by for a visit. For a month at least.

  2. Well, if number 1 below is what you have been driven to, then I think you should immediately pass GO and proceed to number 2, then once you have the appropriate groundswell of support, gather the masses for a roadtrip to the financial aid office and apply number 3 to the building and its inhabitants. Or at least give everyone a good kick in the pants… That’s my vote!

    (Dictionary definitions from the web:)
    1) anxiousness, nervousness, or disturbedness
    2) attempt to arouse public feeling, interest, or support for or against something
    3) cause something to move vigorously or violently, e.g. by shaking or blowing it

  3. I forgot to say, 1, 2 and 3 are definitions for “agitated.”

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