Happy Saint Patrick’s… Waitaminute


Despite my promise, I found myself aboard a flight to Minnesota in early March. I was returning to visit Sarah, my family, and all those friends who had crawled into their winter caves to tough out the endless barren wastes of the northern tundra.


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Happy Birthday, Noah

Noah is currently taking karate — presumably so he can fight zombies hand to hand. The other day he made the following request:

Mom, can we drive through the cemetery? I want to see if there are any zombies.

For his birthday Lisa and Stan laid out some cash for a party at Pump It Up in Plymouth. Pump It Up is the bouncy castle headquarters, with two rooms full of inflatable jumpy time fun. They also had a party room with tiled walls and a drain in the floor. After the kids smeared cake and Cheez-its everywhere they just turned on the firehose to clean up.


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Family Breakfast

Lisa, Stan, and Noah went to breakfast with Sarah and me at Butter in South Minneapolis. I guess I’m not such a big fan of snooty breakfast places, but I will eat anywhere with the Keathlys.
jm_a570 is_10037b.jpg

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That’s a Big Turkey

A couple of weeks ago, right before finals week, I hosted a makeup Thanksgiving for the previously-sicker-than-dogs Keathlys, my Mom, her husband John, and Donald and Chandler. It went well and dirtied every matching dish that I have in my apartment. Sarah photographed the whole deal, so I’ll use her photos for once.

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Let’s Get Back To Business

I’ve been so dramatic lately that you’d think I was a theater major. I’ve been forgetting my true purpose: posting random images for you, the viewing public, to enjoy in 400 pixel glory.

Case in point, hydrangeas and a bee:

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Noah has mad skills: his birthday party today featured pirates and a half dozen girls.

I dressed like a pirate for a while, before the costume got too hot.

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Last Time on Jesse Mullan

Memorial Day weekend was unexpectedly busy.

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It’s Family That Means The Most

Generally I try to move through life like the Buddha. I let the world flow through and around me like a river through reeds. Also, I have a jolly tummy. This weekend proved no different.

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who’s on the shit list this time around?

Mistake Number One: Thinking that I could keep my cool while talking to my dad

Mistake Number Two: Entertaining his bullshit arguments.

Mistake Number Three: Not flying off the handle at him sooner.

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Mos Def

Noah is a straight up PIMP, yo!

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