Happy Birthday, Noah

Noah is currently taking karate — presumably so he can fight zombies hand to hand. The other day he made the following request:

Mom, can we drive through the cemetery? I want to see if there are any zombies.

For his birthday Lisa and Stan laid out some cash for a party at Pump It Up in Plymouth. Pump It Up is the bouncy castle headquarters, with two rooms full of inflatable jumpy time fun. They also had a party room with tiled walls and a drain in the floor. After the kids smeared cake and Cheez-its everywhere they just turned on the firehose to clean up.









5 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Noah ”

  1. My favorite part was racing Stan on the side by side obsticle course. I never had any idea how much fun the adults would have. Could you imagine a place like that for adults where they serve alcohol? Um, maybe not. Now that I think about it, drinking and bouncing don’t mix so well. Anyway, the place rocked and having someone else take care of a party vs. me was awesome. If you ever get married, maybe you could have your reception there. Just add a DJ!

  2. I was totally unprepared (skirt! no socks!) for the bouncy fun: I thought it would only be for the kids! Good times.

  3. Gee, I wish I would have gone. It surely would have been more fun than picking up rocks in the community garden.

  4. wanting to go to the cemetery to see zombies… This kid is pretty awesome!! Hahaha

  5. 1) This is why I have a little brother!

    2) Why does gmail keep marking email notifications of comments as spam?

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