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This is not my drawing:

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Ups and Downs of Doodling

I haven’t posted the last batch of doodles because I don’t know that people really want to see a post with twenty insane drawings in it pop up amidst their feed reader. While on one hand I post entirely for my own benefit, I hate to grief those people who take it upon themselves to follow my meandering rambles. That said, there is doodle news — no, I didn’t win a weekly thing or get posted in the Weisman, but I did get an email:

[We] were wondering if you would be interested in doing an
illustration for one of the stories for the finals issue… it would be
about Bruininks.. more information to follow if you are so inclined.

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Daily Doodle: Fairy Tales

This week’s theme is “Fairy Tales.” I figured that I should try to be a little less horrifying, so I tried to get Goldy to dress up as a fairy tale character. Goldy was thoroughly nonplussed.

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Daily Doodle: End Game

It’s a sad announcement…
Last daily doodle ever.  April Fools!

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Daily Doodle: April Fools again

I have been waiting for a cease-and-desist letter from the Daily, but I got this instead:

Hello Jesse,

I have been monitoring your Daily Doodle submissions for the past two weeks and I have one thing to say…

Oh, the anticipation! What does he have to say?

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Daily Doodle: Aprils Fools

“I’m not a joke newspaper”
jm_a570 is_10041b.jpg

“April Fools! You are!”

Sigh, just one more unpublished doodle.

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Daily Doodles for “Extreme Makeover - Goldy Edition”

It’s probably important to state that these are really just me pranking the Daily. I don’t care if they get published anywhere — it’s worth it for the simple enjoyment of knowing that my friends all grimace when they see Goldy eviscerating a large hoofed mammal. Oh, I didn’t draw that one.

However, I did draw Goldy with boobs.
jm_a570 is_08.jpg

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Daily Doodle for This Week

This week’s theme is “Extreme Makeover — Goldy Edition.”

Extreme Makeover -- Goldy Edition

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Saint Patty’s Day

If you’re all very good, I might just draw extra daily doodles for this theme.

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Miscellaneous Pictures

My desk at work:
jm_a570 is_90.jpg

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