Daily Doodle: April Fools again

I have been waiting for a cease-and-desist letter from the Daily, but I got this instead:

Hello Jesse,

I have been monitoring your Daily Doodle submissions for the past two weeks and I have one thing to say…

Oh, the anticipation! What does he have to say?


Although I have no influence on which doodle is picked I would like to see you keep it up for the remainder of the semester/ however long I work here.


My response:


Thank you for the kind words. I will likely continue submitting to the Daily Doodle until I get fired, arrested or committed — or all of the above in any order.

Sincerely yours,


I wonder if he has seen this one:
jm_a570 is_10068b.jpg\

Zach just responded with a question:
“Why? Why? Why?”

Why ask why?

Also, there’s only one L in “hilarious,” but whatever.

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  1. So good.

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