Daily Doodles for “Extreme Makeover - Goldy Edition”

It’s probably important to state that these are really just me pranking the Daily. I don’t care if they get published anywhere — it’s worth it for the simple enjoyment of knowing that my friends all grimace when they see Goldy eviscerating a large hoofed mammal. Oh, I didn’t draw that one.

However, I did draw Goldy with boobs.
jm_a570 is_08.jpg

I’m trying to figure out exactly how to write topical political cartoons, but my observations on the money-driven antics of the current U of M administration so far haven’t been all that successful. Really, I should draw Bob Bruininks sitting on a throne made of the skulls of current and former students, or maybe (and this might be too subtle to ever pull off), the university telling the incoming freshmen of a few years from now “oh, wow, we’re so glad to finally have some good students” — perhaps with devalued alumni standing right there in their maroon and gold sweatshirts, a look of surprise and horror on their faces and pennants falling from their numb fingers. You can attend games at the new stadium, but they’d really prefer if your dumb kids didn’t get accepted, because they’re probably not going to perform top three research. Sorry.

jm_a570 is_09.jpg

Also, this may have happened:
jm_a570 is_40.jpg

9 Responses to “Daily Doodles for “Extreme Makeover - Goldy Edition” ”

  1. I am NOT paying that bill. Sorry.

    By the way, I think your Goldy is having a sexual identity crisis. “Am I a boy? Or am I Pamela Anderson?”

  2. 1) The bill is paid
    b) Goldy is officially genderless

  3. Dude, I must know more about the big bill.

    Is this why you need another check to replace the one you “accidentally” shredded?

    Also, breakfast this Sunday? Mom might possibly want to join us in an attempt to cajole us into moving her iron bathtub into the house.

  4. That was one mighty tasty carrot cake. Too bad I was caught up in talks about how driven to discover sucks to notice.

  5. Lisa: that was for a table of 12+ people.

    Justin: Naturally!

  6. Liquor Tax?! What kind of heathen state do you live in where they have a tax especially for liquor?!

  7. Jay: I know, I know. You can’t buy booze on Sundays, either.

  8. Being genderless is the only reason he can get away with wearing a sweater but no pants.

    I’m still waiting for that many-teats boob job on Goldie.

  9. The final version of Goldy-as-Buffalo-Bill has many teats. I photographed it somewhere.

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