Ups and Downs of Doodling

I haven’t posted the last batch of doodles because I don’t know that people really want to see a post with twenty insane drawings in it pop up amidst their feed reader. While on one hand I post entirely for my own benefit, I hate to grief those people who take it upon themselves to follow my meandering rambles. That said, there is doodle news — no, I didn’t win a weekly thing or get posted in the Weisman, but I did get an email:

[We] were wondering if you would be interested in doing an
illustration for one of the stories for the finals issue… it would be
about Bruininks.. more information to follow if you are so inclined.

The [we] is a couple of guys who were snickering every week. I accepted their mission.

As long as it won’t get me fired or arrested, I’m down with doing an illustration — especially if it will *almost* get me fired AND arrested.

Negotiations ended in this request:

> The Photo Request goes as follows:

Those two, signing a contract, in which Satan himself promises Fun Bobby that the U will become one of the top three research facilities in the WORLD.

Oh yeah, I can sure do that. Oh, wait, there’s some art direction:

“No Dicks.”

Quotes not mine. Here’s the output, remarkable for being completely dick-free — if you don’t count Bob himself.

Everyone was excited, and then I received this:

So after okaying it with my boss and everyone laying out the paper, the
tops of the top have decided…

After that I stopped reading and started living. I mean screaming. I mean, typing a series of emails with decreasing levels of verbal entropy and increasing levels of obscenity. Then I went back to writing PHP, because that’s what I do.

Sure, the Daily won’t publish it, but I will, because this is my personal site. I make the rules, and the rules say that you should leave more comments.

3 Responses to “Ups and Downs of Doodling ”

  1. You should have just drawn fun bobby holding a bag of dicks. Everyone loves a bag of dicks.

  2. +5 Insightful to Paulasaurus. Come to think of it, what blog wouldn’t be better with hilarious moderation scores?

  3. Fascists!

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