who’s on the shit list this time around?

Mistake Number One: Thinking that I could keep my cool while talking to my dad

Mistake Number Two: Entertaining his bullshit arguments.

Mistake Number Three: Not flying off the handle at him sooner.

Experimental results:

  1. No monies.
  2. Complete and official estrangement

Dad: you are officially banned.

4 Responses to “who’s on the shit list this time around? ”

  1. Why do we expect more from those who consistently fuck us over? Oh well, good riddance. At least we’re all slogging through the same thing together. Although it would be nice if at least one of us had a windfall we could share.

    I am “having” a Massage A Thon (really a thinly veiled rant, but still). I think you should have a Jesse Mullan Fundraiser, Or start a Jesse Mullan/JMMAS Fan Club. $10 a year gets you all the Jesse you can handle, plus one free beer. We’d find $20 somewhere to join. I’m assuming Noah would be free, since he’s under 5.

    Ooh, or scam a couple cases off of John and have a blow out party, charging admission. When the beer runs out, just kick everyone out.

    Also, a tip jar at your desk. That must happen.

  2. that sounds like a great idea. can renee and i get a two for one? i’m practically family!

  3. by the way, it’s dean.

  4. And there’s always Mom…… I love to help my favorite son AND daughter (whose initials are, interestingly, LK). Oops, I’m taking the summer off, with no income. Oh, hell, who cares. Bring it on, let me dip into my deepest reserves for my favorite people. What’s debt but more of what you can’t take with you when you buy the farm, push up daisies, go six feet under, croak, etc., etc., etc.

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