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Hey, Jesse, why didn’t you just sell your car to pay your tuition? You could have sold both cars and covered it! I did think of that, but I didn’t know that it would sell in two days. Heck, I could have sold it in one. It would have been nice to have had the cash a couple of weeks ago, but whatever.

Stan, Dean, Noah and I are going to Boot’s non-stripper bachelor party tonight with booze, cigars, and assorted musicians, mostly of the jazz variety. I don’t know what kind of music Dean likes besides Morrisey, but Stan and I will be clinging together in terror. Perhaps we will beatbox in harmony to keep our hearts pure. There will be no Mingus among us!

Oh yeah, as if I am not writing too much already, Lisa invited me to be a guest blogger on her blog while she is entertaining her sisters, one of whom is in from another state and the other is getting married. I think that I will post about sisterhood, even though I’m more of a brother-type person, and my relationships with my three sisters are all strained. If I were posting about my family here I would talk about the simultaneous healing and destruction that family brings, and then I’d give a painful but hysterically funny example. I can’t tell their story, so I will just talk about how happy Renee looks and how relaxed Marsha seems for having a wedding coming up in two days. In fact, she said that I could wear a speedo to the wedding, so I’m pretty jazzed.

I was having kind of a tired and crappy day. I flat out slept in class for a while, and I was distractable at work. The afternoon brought glad tidings, and now Stan, Noah, and I are going to go to the Uptown Pizza Luce. Tonight might be all right after all.

Glad tidings? When did this become a horoscope? “Tonight: don’t fall into old traps!”

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Sadness is a sweet liqeuer

On paper you’d think that it would be one of the happiest evenings ever. Lisa and Stan finally took some much needed Lisa and Stan time, and I got to babysit Noah. We went to Waite Park at the top of the hill. It might only be the second highest point in Minneapolis, but the open sky and setting sun transported the park and everyone in it to the top of the world.

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This is why it is good to have a little brother

Even if he’s just your faux brother. When I was mowing the lawn he got out his plastic lawn mower. When Lisa was watering the flowers with a bucket of water from Noah’s kiddie pool, Noah was following her with a smaller bucket, spilling water everywhere. I didn’t see it today, but every day when Stan comes home Noah screams “DADDY” and gives him big hugs and stuff.

This all makes my uterus hurt.

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Damn you feet! Damn you to soak in rose petal water!

It isn’t a normal turn of events, but my feet were producing the stanky funk today, and by stanky funk I don’t mean “step off, I’m doin’ the hump: the Humpty Dance is your Chance to do the Hump”, I mean: there was a decidedly non-delicious aroma rising up from the floor in one of those visible clouds shaped like a hand. It slapped me in the face, so Lisa made a simply delightful foot bath for me with essential oils and rose petals. She said something about cypress oils and marigold extract, but all I know is that my tiny fuzzy hobbit feet have turned into perfect girl feet.

Armed with pleasant aromas and a Summit EPA I dropped a bomb on my CSci 4011 homework.

I don’t know what I will do to recover my masculinity. I guess that I will have to think about it while I soak in the tub. Maybe I will have some wine and read a romance novel. Oh me! No, I can’t go soak in the tub, because my hairy man-boobs (pectoral muscles!) might turn into a heaving alabaster bosom - and then I would have no reason to ever leave the house again. Oh bosom!

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Happy Birthday Noah!

It was Noah’s birthday today. There was cake and everything.

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A Nice Pic of My Roommates

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Noah Rocks Out

Rock Star

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Photoshoot with a hot model

John got new beer glasses, and he forced me to drink beer out of them. Then he forced me to bring home a six pack. Life is rough.

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Lisa tried to cut off her thumb

Lisa tried to cut off her thumb

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Noah waters the garden

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