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Hey, Jesse, why didn’t you just sell your car to pay your tuition? You could have sold both cars and covered it! I did think of that, but I didn’t know that it would sell in two days. Heck, I could have sold it in one. It would have been nice to have had the cash a couple of weeks ago, but whatever.

Stan, Dean, Noah and I are going to Boot’s non-stripper bachelor party tonight with booze, cigars, and assorted musicians, mostly of the jazz variety. I don’t know what kind of music Dean likes besides Morrisey, but Stan and I will be clinging together in terror. Perhaps we will beatbox in harmony to keep our hearts pure. There will be no Mingus among us!

Oh yeah, as if I am not writing too much already, Lisa invited me to be a guest blogger on her blog while she is entertaining her sisters, one of whom is in from another state and the other is getting married. I think that I will post about sisterhood, even though I’m more of a brother-type person, and my relationships with my three sisters are all strained. If I were posting about my family here I would talk about the simultaneous healing and destruction that family brings, and then I’d give a painful but hysterically funny example. I can’t tell their story, so I will just talk about how happy Renee looks and how relaxed Marsha seems for having a wedding coming up in two days. In fact, she said that I could wear a speedo to the wedding, so I’m pretty jazzed.

I was having kind of a tired and crappy day. I flat out slept in class for a while, and I was distractable at work. The afternoon brought glad tidings, and now Stan, Noah, and I are going to go to the Uptown Pizza Luce. Tonight might be all right after all.

Glad tidings? When did this become a horoscope? “Tonight: don’t fall into old traps!”

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  1. oops, sorry about the crappy day. didn’t mean to add to it, though I don’t think I did.

  2. and you _did_ mean a pedal bike! cool!
    man, I gotta stop posting while dead to the world tired.

  3. good-bye crimson pearl beauty! *sniff*

    now take some of that cheese and buy yo’self a damn air conditioner!

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