This is why it is good to have a little brother

Even if he’s just your faux brother. When I was mowing the lawn he got out his plastic lawn mower. When Lisa was watering the flowers with a bucket of water from Noah’s kiddie pool, Noah was following her with a smaller bucket, spilling water everywhere. I didn’t see it today, but every day when Stan comes home Noah screams “DADDY” and gives him big hugs and stuff.

This all makes my uterus hurt.

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  1. He may be a faux brother, but you’re his real uncle. We can’t leave him at the hands of Jeremy/Jamie/Boot, Dave and Chuck. They are all REPUBLICANS after all. That’s why you’re the guardian. He may then grow up a heathen, but at least he won’t be a fan of FOX News.

    I gue


    As I was saying:

    I guess I care more about saving his mind than his soul. Although keeping him from the Republicans will save his soul. . . hmm, good on both counts then!

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