Well, I thought about the Army

I finally got someone on the phone at One Stop (at the U) who discovered that my appeal to the hold on my financial aid had been marked as processed when really it had just been ignored. They put me on hold for a while and got it approved, so now my tuition will be covered by a loan to me! Hooray!

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You may continue to attend the University at your own expense

It has been fifteen days, and I still haven’t heard back from the U about my financial aid appeal. I gotta go to class.

I’m totally joining the (army|marines) at the end of summer.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you’re wondering, I am still waiting to hear about my appeal to my financial aid suspension because of my unsatisfactory academic progress. In the fall semester I was on the magical Dean’s list, and last semester I pulled a 3.33333 (repeating) out of some orifice, which wasn’t enough to get my name on the bulletin board of the CLA advising offices, but was satisfactory under my standards. I got notice on June 6th and it is now very nearly July. I had better hear soon, or I will be joining the army come fall — maybe the marines. Cast your vote for which organization will best transform me from a mere evil robot into an unstoppable killing machine. By “cast your vote” I mean “tell me to just get a job at Chick-Fil-A.” In my non-shaving days I had a moustache (and beard) but I have not yet had a mullet. Yes, this is all just a Ben Folds reference. Sigh.

Oh yeah, there is the strong possibility that I will not only get an A in Digital Photography (already done) but also Formal Languages and Automata Theory. That assumes that I do the homework. I swear I will.

Oh yeah, the satisfactory academic progress has little to do with my GPA and everything to do with all those classes I withdrew from in 1996 and 1997. Yes, I’m due to graduate in 2008, which means that I am on the twelve year plan.

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