Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you’re wondering, I am still waiting to hear about my appeal to my financial aid suspension because of my unsatisfactory academic progress. In the fall semester I was on the magical Dean’s list, and last semester I pulled a 3.33333 (repeating) out of some orifice, which wasn’t enough to get my name on the bulletin board of the CLA advising offices, but was satisfactory under my standards. I got notice on June 6th and it is now very nearly July. I had better hear soon, or I will be joining the army come fall — maybe the marines. Cast your vote for which organization will best transform me from a mere evil robot into an unstoppable killing machine. By “cast your vote” I mean “tell me to just get a job at Chick-Fil-A.” In my non-shaving days I had a moustache (and beard) but I have not yet had a mullet. Yes, this is all just a Ben Folds reference. Sigh.

Oh yeah, there is the strong possibility that I will not only get an A in Digital Photography (already done) but also Formal Languages and Automata Theory. That assumes that I do the homework. I swear I will.

Oh yeah, the satisfactory academic progress has little to do with my GPA and everything to do with all those classes I withdrew from in 1996 and 1997. Yes, I’m due to graduate in 2008, which means that I am on the twelve year plan.

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