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Today is, I believe, Tuesday, which makes yesterday Monday. I was supposed to get a call from the guy in Onestop [Not] Helping You on Friday by noon, but somehow that translated into “I’m sorry that I didn’t call back, but I wanted to make sure that I knew bla bla bla…” If a customer is already irate and you don’t follow through by the time that you say you will — even if just to say “no news, but you’re my top priority,” then obviously said customer is not your top priority. I called two extra times on Friday but didn’t get him on the phone.

Yesterday (Monday), he did get back to me, so I asked him about factoring my laptop purchase into my “estimated need,” and he replied that I should be able to do it no problem, which is one hundred eighty degrees opposite from what was said to me one week prior by one of the people who report to him. This is why I asked for a manager. He still seemed to forget that the adjustment to my eligibility was performed nine months after money was put into my checking account, and also conveniently forgot or ignored me telling him that I had explained my full circumstances last fall.

“I want to borrow $x, and I have the Regent’s Scholarship. I am signed up for seven credits this fall and will probably take six or seven in the spring.”

Randy said that based on that information he “or anyone” should have been able to do the math for me and tell me for what amounts I should be eligible. This did not happen — I was told that everything was copacetic. Was I, and am I, dealing with straight up incompetents, or am I the victim of some sort of malicious intent?

We ended the call by trying to go over the entries in my student account for the last two semesters. The student view is horrifyingly terrible — some random mixture of double-entry accounting and checkbook-style balance keeping — and to make matters worse, his view of the account did not have the same entries as mine. Am I Buttle or Tuttle? Come on, get that straightened out so I can sleep at night. I have a final today. Shouldn’t that be what I’m focused on?

Anyway, back to work.

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  1. Now, Jesse, dear, did you really expect that smart and educated people would actually WORK at the U? I believe that any smart and educated people that once worked at the U have all moved to take higher-paying jobs in California.Well, with maybe one or two exceptions, like those who are still finishing up their classes so they CAN move to California forthwith posthaste without delay (but apparently not without major FUCKING HASSLES from the incompetents left behind to run the University’s little world). Oh, and also except for your friends who work there. Will you all be moving to California as a group?

  2. Did you end up submitting a different picture to the Daily? Because the title page picture has a caption for Rob Ruinits.

  3. No, they had someone else draw it and stole my pseudonym.

  4. Bastards!

  5. Get everything in writing! Everything! Don’t trust the bastards!

    Records written in blood are doubly reassuring.

  6. Maybe you should ask to meet with him in person. That way he can’t ignore you.

  7. I’m actually on my way over! Hooray!

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