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First I want to give my utmost thanks to Ann from HelpingU for taking quick and decisive action with regards to my SELF loans. Not having that problem hanging over my head meant that I could spend the last three weeks of classes only stressing about homework and finals. However, a new semester is upon us, and with new semesters come new problems, or at least new combinations of old problems.

Assuming that I pass all of my classes for the Spring term of 2006, by credits I will be a Junior, right? That means that I should wait until I get my grades back for all of the classes before filling out ANOTHER Self app for Summer 2006, Fall 2006, and Spring 2007, but at that point I will be able to request $6000 instead of $3500.

Should I also fill out the Satisfactory Academic Progress form now and schedule an appointment with my advisor to clear the SAP hold that I expect on my financial aid and the registration hold for the fall?

These are the steps that I intend to take:
1) Take my last final in 30 minutes
2) Fill out the form to lift the hold on my financial aid
3) Schedule an appointment with my advisor
4) Fill out the SELF loan application for Summer 2006, Fall 2006, and Spring 2007.
5) Receive my grades
6) Mail in the SELF loan application
7) Meet with my advisor and have them pre-emptively sign the SAP appeal form
8) Wait for the SAP hold to appear on my financial aid
9) Submit the SAP appeal form
10) Fill out additional, unforeseen forms
11) Weep

Does that sound reasonable? Is there anything else that I should do now, or should I wait for the various mechanisms of the University of Minnesota to commit their unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors? Should I be looking for private loans? Does the University have any guidelines for private loans?

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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  1. The fact that you actually emailed this to University officials fills me with utter delight.

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