Financial Updates

I got a letter from the University telling me that my student account is now past due. Past due accounts lead to being dropped from your classes. Can they drop me five days before my final?

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  1. But they only notified you 4 days ago! Absolutely & completely fucking ridiculous!! It was the University’s mistake for not processing your paperwork in a timely manner…oh, 9 months later?? They should not be making YOU pay for THEIR mistake and disorganization. I am utterly disgusted and will help you fight this.

  2. This would be a touching story for the media, no? I can hear Robin Robinson’s teaser: “Local U of M student kicked out of school due to yet another mistake from the financial aid department. Is he the only one? Find out at 9.”

  3. I’d call the daily (you have contacts) and then move onto the local tv stations.

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