Dear Brown Bicycle That Was Loitering Outside of My Building All Day

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need a relaxed boulevard cruiser with panniers big enough to transport a case of beer*. Lo and behold, someone left their brown cruiser unlocked in front of my building for an entire day.

I wanted it so very badly, but I left it for either the owner (who was either displaying poor judgement, getting rid of the bike without a FREE note, or secretly watching from across the street to see how long it would last) or some truly needy soul with either no bicycle at all or at least a jones that they could fill by selling the bike. Nonetheless, I’m looking for something upright that could use standard mountain bike wheels and tires (maybe with a three or seven speed internal hub) or 300x32 road bike wheels (and then I could give it parts from my Surly and rebuild my Surly to be faster).

Can I make the admission that I kind of want to ditch my car now that I don’t use it during the week? Such a notion is easy to imagine as spring arrives. I wonder if I could sustain it all summer and into the fall.

Oh yeah, tonight, while riled up on a stomach full of beer and Student Employee Relations Committee sponsored food, I raced a bus with my bike for about half a block. The bus won.

*A case is 24 beers, so one 12 pack of Summit on each side would be sufficient — and well balanced. ESB and Maibock? SOLD.

11 Responses to “Dear Brown Bicycle That Was Loitering Outside of My Building All Day ”

  1. I think getting rid of your car is a great idea. You live on the bus line for craps sake. And you love to bike, even in the chill of winter.

    Granted, I love your car, and using it, but that’s really a moot point. The main point is that if you try it and decide car free living isn’t for you, you can simply buy a new one.

    Ditch the car. Buy a cool ass cruiser and pimp your ride.

  2. Dood! Do the math about car getting rid of. Once car insurance, gas, parking permits, car value depreciation, driving other people around, etc, is out of the picture you’ll have money for either a loooooooooot of drinking or a new bike every couple of weeks. Getting rid of mine worked out to about $100 a week I was saving. er. spending on other things.

    As for carrying that beer around, this is the backpack I use that has no problem carrying 2 12 packs: wil

    Or there’s the messenger bag route, I’ve seen some of these with a lotta beer in them but you gotta go big. makes nice ones.

  3. Oh bicycle with loverly basket on front… that would be sweet.

  4. I have a cute little basket on the front of my Sears “ladies” bike. Looks kind of like the one on the bike above. It won’t hold a case or even a 12-pack of beer, but would hold enough to tide you over for at least a couple of hours. Do you want me to saddle up my ride and bring you free Summits once a week or so? (”ENABLING”: A perk brought to you courtesy of Mothers International for Better Beer for Their Kids and Others, or MIBBTKO, for short.)

  5. Oh. . . my. . . god. We have the coolest mom ever!!!

    Who else would start an organization like MIBBTKO? No one, I tell you! No one!

    I must make MIBBTKO shirts. Maybe the logo could be a baby holding a beer bottle with a nipple on top?

  6. ↑ She said ‘nipple’

  7. Mmmm… nipple…

  8. Nipple + beer = man’s ultimate fantasy.

  9. I think that we’ve already had the beer nipple discussion. Oh yeah, that was when we found out that Sarah’s nipples dispense beer.

  10. Why am I always the last one to know these things?

  11. If you could reach them, you would know.

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