Algorithm Dance Sequence

From Youtube (you can watch it there).

Bonus Prisoners!

3 Responses to “Algorithm Dance Sequence ”

  1. This is surely the answer to all the problems of the free and incarcerated world! A truly unitetudinal and inspirotastic symbolic act of togetherism. Republicans, in algorithmic cadence with Democraticists! World leaders, doing the A, together, in public squares, in opera halls, in bowling alleys, on cruise ships, in technicolorotastic brilliance. Playground bullies, united in footwork freneticistic step with nerds and dweebs. Imagine the Algorithmic Dream Teams: Charlie Manson-Sirhan Sirhan-Richard Speck-John Lennon’s shooter, freed of their violentistic demons, united in love and peace and Algorithmic Universalism OR George Bush-Rush Limbaugh-Pat Robertson-Phyllis Schlafly, once so scaryicious, now so warm and enjoyingable. When Algorithmic Universalism is a realistic worldwide reality, there will be no wars, no rumors of war, no mental illness, no stupid people, no pharmaceutical fascists. Life will be good. Life will be….will be….will be….will be….will be….

  2. Wow.

  3. the idolmaster girls do the algorithm dance pretty well too! cute!

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