There is no such thing as a one sixth note

I keep listening to various performances of the Super Mario Brothers theme music, and I keep hearing some weirdness. I decided to pull out a tracker and get the timing down right. I was sort of right about the internet notation being wrong. The time signature is 4:4 with a nice triplet in there. To notate it in step notation I had to use a 96 line block, with each beat encompassing 6 lines.

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Help The Police

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Here’s One I Made Earlier

Dear Beatboxing that gives me uncomfortable and inappropriate erections while I am at work,
I think that you know where this letter is going, so I will leave the conclusion up to you.

Sincerely yours,
Jesse Mullan

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Karmelkorn Cameleon

Zach was doing his best to distract me here at work by singing.

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Heia Dimmu Borgir!

Zach quote of the day:

Why does Norway have to be so much better than Sweden?

Why do you even have to ask?

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Now, I have become Robot, the destroyer of worlds

Last week Zach stumbled upon 8 bit peoples. On that site they have collected the best bleeping music ever. Ever ever. You want your SID chips, Coleco sounds, Nintendo breakbeats? You got ‘em.

I am nerd, hear me bleep.

Over the weekend, Zach downloaded 1.4 gigabytes of bleeping. Cue worktime freakout dance moves.

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Walt Mink: Stood Up

Remember the Walt Mink concert at the Triple Rock last year? Still arguably one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended — and what a stroke of synchronicity:I randomly went to the Walt Mink site to look up some lyrics and saw that the tickets were on sale. Only a day or two later the tickets were all gone.

In any case, the first rough cut of any concert footage has been posted to Youtube by Chris Butler. If you’re curious, I’m in it, standing near the stage.
Walt Mink: Stood Up

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Merry Christmas!

It’s the new Christmas JAM!

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Think Globally, Fuck Locally

“Okay, so, oh my GOD Gogol Bordello was the most amazing show ever,” I exclaimed with only a modicum of hyperbole.
“Oh yeah? What happened?” Zach asked incredulously. Zach has been to some excellent shows (MAN MAN: HOLY SHIT) and — in fact — invented the word amazing. He says it all the time, so now I do, too.

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Another Band Idea

Okay, so covers of Decemberists songs in disco style, and we’d call ourselves the Discocemberists.

Oh, wait, they did that themselves with “The Perfect Crime.”

Sigh. I just wanted to say “Discocemberists” because their name lends itself so very well to puns.

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