Happy Thanksgiving

Today I made a roux and a green bean casserole to take over to my mom’s. I don’t think that I made enough roux — I should probably have made a double batch, given that I ended up making a half gallon of gravy. Of course, my mom had tossed the giblets because she thought that they were gross, but the gravy worked out okay anyway. This time I did not use too much black pepper.

I had to bug out early because I was feeling a little… I dunno. I could use some super fun party time tonight. Translate my heart into Japanese and back again: “Thousand being broken eyes overnight are not repaired.” It’s okay. I’m fine. That’s not as funny as “Macho Business Donkey Wrestler,” but we can’t ALL be News Radio. Oh, no we can’t.

I know that I had told myself that I was going to save my pinstriped black shirt for a hot date, but I needed extra propping up to make the casserole without freaking out while sweating the onions and mushrooms. I shaved, I looked great, but I couldn’t glue on my game face, no matter how good my grey corduroys look on me. Yes, I understand that marrying the pinstripes to the cords was asking for trouble, but Lisa gave the nod. Shit. I shoulda grabbed different pants.

Anyway, it was nice to see my extended family on my mom’s side. I put the turkey back in the oven right when it was time to be served because tearing off a leg revealed undercooked meat. Fucking great. Somewhere inside I was livid — partly at myself for not taking point on the bird. It turned out okay, the skin crisped up extra nice, but, you know, uh, shit. I’m gonna go watch some Law and Order.

If you like scratchin’ and hip hop and shit like that, yo, you should motherfucking check out the Gray Kid’s weird little online EP thing: “The Pilgrimage: Y’All Some Turkeys.”

Aw shit, motherfuckers, just listen to this fucking shit drop. That’s some fucked up SID chip action:

I don’t think that I can possibly ever swear enough.

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There Is Blood On Our Hands Again

Have you ever noticed that no matter how loud you listen to Death From Above 1979 it is not anywhere near loud enough?

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You’ll Have To Pick Just Three

Chinese Translation

It’s even better if you translate it into Chinese and back again. I’ll leave that up to you, songmeanings.net and google translate.

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Wait A Minute

That guy last night had nothing to do with the television show Millenium. WHAT A RIP!

The show was really rockin’. I didn’t know most of the songs because Frank Black has put out like six or a million since the last one I bought, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with hearing new stuff.

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Shows To See

Ignoring the ones that conflict with my Wednesday and Thursday evening classes, I could go see all of these shows

Friday, November 10 7:00 PM The Whole The Alarmists with Love In October and Friends Like These
Sunday, November 12 First Avenue 8:00 PM The Decemberists
Saturday, November 25 Varsity Theater 8:00 PM Haley Bonar
Wednesday, November 29 First Avenue 8:00 PM The Black Keys
Saturday, December 02 First Avenue 8:00 PM Doomtree
Tuesday, December 05 The Entry 8:00 PM Shapes and Sizes
Tuesday, December 12 First Avenue 7:00 PM El Vez
Thursday, December 14 First Avenue 6:00 PM Gogol Bordello
Saturday, December 23 The Entry 5:00 PM Heiruspecs

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I Am Evil Craig Finn

“I hate to break this to you, but my husband also thinks that you look like Craig Finn.”

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I Met A Man

Frank Black

I just won Frank Black tickets off of Radio K. I’m so excited that I just can’t hide it. I know I know I know, uh, something something.

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A gato viejo, ratón tierno

Man Man played the Seventh Street Entry the other night. I haven’t been to a show where I have screamed so much since the 2005 Pizza Luce Block Party. I lost my voice screaming for Har Mar to take off his pants. I’m not proud of that, but — okay, yes I am.

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That’s a Great Idea

Anyone want to help me form a band called “the Diocemberists”?

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She Has a Robotic Hand

I just had a super fun weekend. There was bowling and we almost saw Gay Beast — except that Gay Beast’s myspace site listed 9pm for the show at the Triple Rock, and Triple Rock’s site said 6pm. Of course, I didn’t see that until 8, so when we got there, all there was to do was buy the Gay Beast EP. Dan (the singer and keyboardist) recognized Cake Woman and I from myspace, which is ridiculous and marks the two of us as internet nerds. Well, me at least, because I’m not memorably cute like Cake Woman.

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