Now, I have become Robot, the destroyer of worlds

Last week Zach stumbled upon 8 bit peoples. On that site they have collected the best bleeping music ever. Ever ever. You want your SID chips, Coleco sounds, Nintendo breakbeats? You got ‘em.

I am nerd, hear me bleep.

Over the weekend, Zach downloaded 1.4 gigabytes of bleeping. Cue worktime freakout dance moves.

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Uh oh, it’s magic!

I think that my desktop computer is having hard drive issues. If you’re keeping track, this has happened about a million billion times over the last year.

Maybe I will be lucky, and it will just be memory or processor issues.

Cross your fingers!

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This Is Not War, This Is Pest Control

Holy shit this episode of Doctor Who is far too amazing for its own good. Not to reveal any spoilers, but Daleks versus Cybermen.



Ten year old me is weeping openly.

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The Whole

This summer I started on a journey to rebuild the Whole Music Club’s website. It now features custom labelling of shows and bands with media management and stuff like that. Basically I beat my head against the data for a while and pooped out the back end code. Zach took the superstructure that I had built and laid some sweet html, css, and javascript on top of it. Our edifice that we erected (our erection, if you will) has already garnered praise from the staff and at least one band.

I wish that Paul had been here to hit it with the style hammer, though. Paul totally rules.

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At This Rate We’ll Be Here All Night

It could take a WEEK to transfer 30g+ of gallery images to the new server.


Oh man.

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What Do People Search For On Google?

This link clearly explains it:
porn    not porn   
porn versus not porn

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My New Stomach Tattoo


Hellz Yes

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Gallery Updates

I’m pretty sure that most of my bandwidth goes to making downloads of gallery available to the wild internets. I have transferred about half a terabyte since September 2004 to May of 2005. Wow. That’s a ton of data (if each byte weighs about 1.65015943 micrograms).


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Postscript to PDF on Windows

I had to print a postscript file on windows. Adobe apparently hates people, so they don’t make their acrobat reader just read postscript files (which would make sense, since postscript and pdf are somewhat related).

Instead I had to install ghostscript, add its /lib and /bin directories to the system path, and then add an action to the file associations for postscript files to call ps2pdf with the filename and the filename concatenated with .pdf. Hooray for wasting a half an hour looking for examples on the internet. The key here is that it was not any harder to do this on windows than it would have been on linux, it’s just that everyone who does it on windows ends up writing a shareware GUI wrapper for it. That’s great if that’s your bag, but I just want to right click on it and do pdf. Actually, I might make that the default double click action — it just poots out a pdf, because when am I ever going to be dicking around in ps files?


Ugh. Stop writing shit in LaTEX. Just use html, then you wouldn’t have these problems. Jerks.

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Programming Languages

Python would be great if it used braces and ignored whitespace.
C++ is great if you don’t use any classes.
Ruby on rails would be great if you could use another language.

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