The Whole

This summer I started on a journey to rebuild the Whole Music Club’s website. It now features custom labelling of shows and bands with media management and stuff like that. Basically I beat my head against the data for a while and pooped out the back end code. Zach took the superstructure that I had built and laid some sweet html, css, and javascript on top of it. Our edifice that we erected (our erection, if you will) has already garnered praise from the staff and at least one band.

I wish that Paul had been here to hit it with the style hammer, though. Paul totally rules.

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  1. thanks pal. working in this job i don’t get to really pull out the style hammer much.

  2. ps: nice work.

  3. Thank you.

  4. So basically, you are bemoaning the fact that you, Paul and Zach have never had a threesome.

    Um. . . ah. . . you know that Stan will be crushed, right?

    And it’s his birthday. Great timing. Just great.


  5. Lisa, your comment is creepy.

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