My New Stomach Tattoo


Hellz Yes

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  1. 编程
    “Programming forever”

    “Hypertext markup language”

    Zach and I are stopping by Steady Tattoo after work.

  2. You still better be planning on getting the pin up girl straddling the computer monitor!!!

    We should start a “tattoo Jesse” fund. The biggest contributor(s) would get to accompany you and watch your agony when you go under the needle.

  3. If I met a guy with a pin up girl straddling a computer, I would fuck that man.


  4. THAT’S BRILLIANT! Why didn’t I think of that! I always wanted a naked lady tattoo…. naked lady humping a computer… GENIUS!

    Let’s get Coop to draw us one of his hot demon babes grinding on a keyboard.

  5. You mean like this one?


    Jesse showed me a better one that I swear he drew although he denies this ever happened. I think he’s just keeping it hidden so Zach won’t run and get it done first.

  6. P.S. I’ll start the fund with $10. YES, TEN WHOLE DOLLARS!!!

  7. OH MAN! I need that in red without the nipple tassels. AMAZING!

  8. I should have gone straight to tigernt.
    程式語言 [cheng2 shi4 yu3 yan2] /programming language/
    電腦語言 [dian4 nao3 yu3 yan2] /programming language/computer language/

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