When it rains, my DSL dies


You know, it’s easy to ignore such a flaw in the winter, but now that the monsoon season has hit Minnesota, I am totally screwed. Sigh.

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Someone else’s iTunes Music Server

My iTunes Music Server

I recently aquired a 200G hard drive, which I crammed into a linux box. I’m trying to find the best way to play the music on my pc and on that box. This guy riffs on iTunes and all the stuff that goes with it.

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Boozing it up

I’ve been looking forward to this for like two weeks: unrestricted booze consumption. Tonight is the night!

It will probably be a symphony in two parts. First I will be warming up with one friend at the Loring Pasta Bar (where I am now), and then I will meet another friend for the finale. We agreed on “mellow” so I guess the timpani will be restricted to distant thunder. I’m hoping for a minimum of bassoons in minor keys and a maximum of pizzicato strings.

Also, I don’t know if you (the loyal readers of my blog) have noticed, but I have been introducing a photoblog-type aspect to my blog. I made a bookmarklet so I can do one click blogging of individual pics from my gallery. I still have a delay in getting stuff out of my cameras, onto my workstation,m and then published into the gallery, but one step at a time.

I do have a script that pulls the images off of my camera and puts them onto my laptop, which is useful, and another that uploads folders of images into my gallery. What I really need is something in the middle to rename and organize images based on their “unique” numbers from the camera and the date they are taken, and then upload new images into my gallery in reasonable albums based on their folders.

That will liekly involve some jhead trickery and more shell scripting. Totally awesome.

Where’s my friend? Sigh, I’m such a dork, typing on the laptop at the bar.

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HOWTO: Building a Gran Turismo 4 Steering wheel mount

HOWTO: Building a Gran Turismo 4 Steering wheel mount

I’d like to do this project, but I would probably want to get Gran Turismo 4 first. And a PS2. Not that I haven’t already paid for half of one.

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Google Search History!

Google Blog
Monkey, pirate, ninja

Those crazy googlites! What will they think of next?

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Gallery Todo:

This was in my notebook, which wasn’t in plain sight on my desk so I promptly forgot.

  • Custom Fields
  • Refactor
  • MPTT
  • Icon Pack
  • MultiRoot
  • Virtual Albums
  • cssname smarty function
  • embed into wordpress
  • integrations nightly builds (done)

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What happens in ACM, anyway?

Gallery :: 20050420 :: jm_a300_2747438

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ACM Frisbee

ACM Frisbee

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Linkage: Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes - Blog - workingwith.me.uk

Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes - Blog - workingwith.me.uk

Part two. Okay, part one. Shut up.

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Linkage: Things that I’d like to see iTunes do… - Blog - workingwith.me.uk

Things that I’d like to see iTunes do… - Blog - workingwith.me.uk

No, I can’t sleep. So, I’ve been thinking about how to get the new 200G drive into one of my boxes (the intended host won’t recognize all 200 lucious gigs).

I got sidetracked. Hooray for people talking about iTunes issues.

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