Who’s Ruby?

shit = { /* stuff to do */ }
while shit

There’s a default argument $_
Wouldn’t that pick up the value of shit, since it was the last assignment?
while $_

But then, really, since it is the default argument, can’t you just do


or, really, since it’s the default,

See? Ruby writes itself!

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A secret project!


Don’t ask, don’t tell.

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It’s the newest thing:
Flash + Asynchronous Php + Javascript + And + Xml

Genius. I’m so glad that Zach is part of Team Kickass now — the three of us together are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

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Words to live by

It’s not the length of the algorithm, it’s the big O.

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New York, New York


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When They Say Unstable, I Guess They Mean Unstable

I’ve been running debian unstable for a long time with seemingly no problems — until just this week, when everything went haywire and my server crashed a couple of times a day. I rolled apache and php4 back just now to the…

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Something fishy

There’s something wrong with my server or someone is attacking it in the wee hours. I’m terribly sorry about the service interruptions. Maybe if I switched to Windows it would be more stable! HA ha! HA! Sigh. My server has fsck’ed itself three times since Sunday. Even my server is getting more action than me!

Okay, really I’m just jealous that Melissa is dating again and has found someone “very sweet and nice.” I’m not so much jealous of someone kissing her as much as I want to be the one kissing boys. GIRLS! I want to kiss GIRLS! I’m glad that she seems happy, she deserves the best.

Paul walks down the street and women fly out of their houses towards him. He sits in class and panties fly across the room to stick to him. I think it’s the hat. He has a magnet in it. I should get a magnet. And a hat.

I shouldn’t write anything before my brain comes online. Sorry about that.

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Sliced Bread

script.aculo.us - web 2.0 javascript

Zach has been having a series of orgasms on the other side of our shared desk, so I guess that script.aculo.us is the amazingest of amazing. I’m not having the same response that Zach is, but then I haven’t been playing with it all day for two days like he has.

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Prepare to be unspammed?

Bad Behavior / Bad Behaviour - IO ERROR

Another anti-spam tool? I’m starting to think that you can never be too well armed against spammers and other bastards.

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Unicode in PHP

Whenever there’s an encoding issue or a question about Unicode, people tend to knock on my door.

Sound familar? If you’ve been on #gallery with me at three in the morning, you’ve probably heard me cursing character set conversions. This guy has apparently done even more cursing than I.

(this link is for people as nerdy as me)

Proposal for Implementing Unicode in PHP - Acko.net - Steven Wittens

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