New York, New York


Joan had 5 Cocksucking Cowboys
Butternut Schnapps and ?
Jesse Drinks Guinness like milk
Ninja Sake!
Jens wants head!
Carly @ Gingerman
I just turned 30 awesome!

Day 0 (Thurday, August 18th)

Oh, hey boss man, can I have tomorrow and Monday off? I started packing late, and it went on into the night. Lisa came up to help, but really just spent her time on AIM with my friends. By about three I was reasonably satisfied that I had everything that I would need and nothing that I wouldn’t. I had a bag for electronics and a bag for clothes (and more electronics). Lisa said not to bring the power strip, which was a mistake, because the next day three of us nerdy guys would be fighting over every outlet in the room to charge our myriad devices. Two laptops, three cellphones, four cameras.

Day 1 (Friday, August 19th)


Waking up after two hours of sleep

In the Air


Scammed by a limo driver?


Valiant, John_K, Joan, PM, thumb

Dim Sum

Choosing a Dim Sum restaurant
Dim Sum Dolly

Volksport, Raelynn

jm d30 3222248

jm d30 3222281
Hidden Dim Sum

A Walking Tour

jm d30 3232347

jm d30 3232364
Bleeker Street Bar
58 Bleeker Street

Washington Square Park

More Meeting

Hotel Lobby

Charly O’s

Ginger Man

They are pointing at the words “NYC PARTY.” It was, indeed.

Ckdake and I go for a walk

Missed out on White Castle

Straight to Bed

Day 2 (Saturday, August 20th)

Waking up on the floor


En Masse

Flexing the equipment

FAO Schwartz

h0bbel kisses his stunt wife

This guy was giving someone else a break, and sweating all the pink. Don’t sweat the pink!

Bharat’s kids are ridiculously cute.

Auditioning a stunt wife

Joan asked me “do you think that she wears the fantasy nurse lingerie, too?”
I had to go change my pants.

Now this dude was happy, back in the land of toys for boys. It’s too bad, ‘cause he had been moving quickly up the ranks of stunt wifery.

Central Park


Times Square

Back At The Ranch

We made it back to the hotel only to find the Paulasaurus Rex trying to eat New York. Bad Rex!

Gallery Developer’s Dinner

Open Bar

Ginger Man

The Dove

Random Pizza Place


Day 3 (Sunday, August 21th)


Missed Breakfast

World Trade Center

Stage Door Deli


Ckdake and I go for a walk

City Hall

Brooklyn Bridge


East Village

Spring Street

Ckdake subway

Spring Lounge


Random person




Bharat’s house


Day 4 (Monday, August 22nd):


Partial Check Out

Apple Store

Ginger Man

Old Navy

4 Responses to “New York, New York ”

  1. Wait… wasn’t this like 2 months ago?

    It’s okay, I forgive you. I like the part where I ate New York. That was delicious.

  2. Best opening note ever, I’m taking it for personal gain.


  3. Yes, this was two months ago. I have a bunch of notes written up on paper at home. I dunno, I just wanted to get this thing out of my thing with the thing and the holy crap I need more sleep.

  4. Don’t feel bad… It took me way, way, waaaaaay longer than two months to post my recount of my NYC trip. ( )

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