Where’s The Beef?

The Google Summer of Code is winding down, which means that (like any software project) activity is ramping up. Ross has a nearly complete theme together, and I’ve given him a partial review. I’m partway through review number two.

Tonight, if I finish Ross’s next review in time, I go to Big V’s for five hopefully crazy and loud bands. Do you remember when I used to just go to shows all the time? Of course you don’t, about the only person who has known me that long is Lisa, but even she met me after I was starting to settle down a bit.

Oh yeah, as Noah’s Godfather, I will be raising him Pastafarian.

The original point of this was that I still have to write the long version of New York with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back to be used against me in court.

4 Responses to “Where’s The Beef? ”

  1. You were settling down at 19? For shame. . .

  2. Do pastafarians worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  3. I have you now Big Bird Arrrrrrgh. Prepare to walk the plank!! P-)

  4. Lisa: you want to make something of it?
    Michael: yes they do!
    Norm: Big Bird tried to steal our pirate’s treasure, so down to Davy Jones’s locker he be going — and by that I don’t mean that he is orally pleasuring a member of the Monkees.

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