Remember when IE was cool?

I’m a committed firefox user, but this guy makes some important points about the validity of ie. It wasn’t that long ago (in human years, not computer years) that I loved ie because it was vastly better than Netscape 4. My how time flies when you want your box model to behave correctly. I kid, though, because I love ie.

Um, yes. exactly.

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I could probably use more sleep

Ugh. School is a real grind. If it isn’t Calculus, it’s English Composition. If it isn’t either of those, it’s Intro to Computer Programming, which might as well be called “Intro to logic puzzles in scheme.”

Not that I mind scheme so much, I’m just grumpy.

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Mac Annoyances

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty used to my key combinations in Windows. My job is programming, which means that I live and die by the keyboard. I expect the keyboard to behave in certain ways - those shortcuts are what keeps my typing speed up.

Yes, I have been able to remap some of the keys, but seemingly not enough.

Also, this 400MHz G4 (new to me) is slow compared to my Athlon 2200+ desktop. Well, I suppose that is to be assumed given the wide disparities in clock speeds, but still, it doesn’t help my impression of this thing.

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A new NEW job

Though the weather outside is frightful… Oh! Wait, I mean, the weather outside is beautiful, and I was up at the crack of nine to go into my new place of employment.

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What happens when you try to display text encoded in one character set in another character set? Garbage characters. I'm working on a migration module for gallery - to upgrade from one type of data storage to a completely different one. Along the way I keep learning about character sets and character set conversion. Here's a lovely set of words for something that I would rather not see - garbled, junky international text.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (paraphrased)


文字化け: [mojibake] moji: character + bake: change/ghost.

亂碼 or 乱码: [luan4 ma3] “chaotic code(s)”, in Chinese.

крокозябра [krokozyabry]: The Russian term for mangled characters.

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Om Mani Padme Hum?

Do you have the Tibetan language pack installed?


It looks like I don't.

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Good Karma?

My mom got me a very cool present for Christmas. Thanks, Mom!

I already had a large number of mp3s, but now I am redoubling my efforts to organize and document them with appropriate mp3 tags. To that end I am using two or three things on my PC, from iTunes to Rio's own management software.

So far, iTunes has the coolest playlist options - I can basically write any criteria for a playlist and iTunes will get those songs. For instance, I have a playlist of songs rated four or five stars that I haven't listened to in two weeks. If I rate a new file with five stars it just magically shows up on that playlist. Of course, iTunes doesn't sync with my Rio Karma and I haven't found an option to export a playlist in m3u format, but I have done some shenanigans with iTunes's xml data, xsltproc, and perl to produce m3u files in bulk. I can drag those playlists to my Rio, and all the associated songs go with it.

There are some caveats, but this thing is quickly becoming my constant companion. I wish that it has iTunes-style playlists built in. I wish that I could rate songs and use that data to sort music. I wish that I could assign my own metadata. I wish that I could access all of the ID3v2 tags.

Anyway, whereever I go, I can finally hear those Tom Waits albums that I have lurking in my collection. That pretty much means that I can listen to my music all day at work. 20GB means that I don't have to listen to the same albums over and over again, so I will finally be giving Cake a rest.

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Totally awesome!

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Thanks,, you always know just what I want!

画廊 [hua4 lang2] /gallery/

美术馆 [mei3 shu4 guan3] /art gallery/

畫廊 [hua4 lang2] /gallery/

美術館 [mei3 shu4 guan3] /art gallery/

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This should provide adequate sustenance for the Doctor Who marathon


Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, is t33kid. t33kid is probably the lamest hacker handle I have ever seen. t33kid has been arrested for releasing a variant of the Blaster worm. t33kid lives in Hopkins. Hopkins! That's twenty minutes away! If I would have known, I would have gone and kicked his ass.

I probably would have needed help, because he is a big big guy, and I'm not talking about what may or may not be in his pants. This time.



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