This should provide adequate sustenance for the Doctor Who marathon


Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, is t33kid. t33kid is probably the lamest hacker handle I have ever seen. t33kid has been arrested for releasing a variant of the Blaster worm. t33kid lives in Hopkins. Hopkins! That's twenty minutes away! If I would have known, I would have gone and kicked his ass.

I probably would have needed help, because he is a big big guy, and I'm not talking about what may or may not be in his pants. This time.



6 Responses to “This should provide adequate sustenance for the Doctor Who marathon ”

  1. Hi Jesse Mullan!

    You’re right t33kid sucks. Modifying viruses without knowing what they exactly do is shit. But never rate persons by their handle. ;)

  2. I think its pretty lame slandering people when there caught doing stupid things. All the dude did was change it to penis.exe and got it to send data of which computers get owned. But he gets lil llamas like you which clearly know jack shit about computers, and know jack shit about attacking someone of that size, you would have prolly take along one person with a baseball bat and got smack around like the lil bitching cow you are.

  3. Thomas: all viruses are lame. I was going to rate you highly based on your handle, but never mind.
    Backdraft: you mean libel, and yes, libel is lame, but I typed nothing libelous.

  4. well if you say you want to kick my ass, im waiting. Any time your ready.

  5. Best vanity search blog comment evar!!! Elevens!!!

  6. t33kid where you at

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