25 Jan 2000 16:46

I haven't done much with the server in the last couple of weeks. I've been fiddling with mysql and cgi some. The results
can be seen in my cars application, which isn't much more than a practice query. I've also been
fiddling with some other things (now that the mysql permissions are sorted out), but nothing important…

Server issues:

  • Still have to take over DNS service for idlespeculation.com and implication.com
  • I've taken over hosting http://www.rallymn.com,
    but I'm doing it in a sneaky manner.

  • I've got to remember to have the server boot into text mode instead of X-windows. It might save some precious, precious
    RAM, not that I've noticed any real performance issues.

lto:jmullan@visi.com>Jesse Mullan

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