Something fishy

There’s something wrong with my server or someone is attacking it in the wee hours. I’m terribly sorry about the service interruptions. Maybe if I switched to Windows it would be more stable! HA ha! HA! Sigh. My server has fsck’ed itself three times since Sunday. Even my server is getting more action than me!

Okay, really I’m just jealous that Melissa is dating again and has found someone “very sweet and nice.” I’m not so much jealous of someone kissing her as much as I want to be the one kissing boys. GIRLS! I want to kiss GIRLS! I’m glad that she seems happy, she deserves the best.

Paul walks down the street and women fly out of their houses towards him. He sits in class and panties fly across the room to stick to him. I think it’s the hat. He has a magnet in it. I should get a magnet. And a hat.

I shouldn’t write anything before my brain comes online. Sorry about that.

3 Responses to “Something fishy ”

  1. I’m just that awesome… but I actually don’t like when the panties stick to me…

  2. thanks :)

    uhh…i think…cuz now i’m imagining paul covered in es-ticky panties. :-p

  3. Paul’s like a katamari damancy for girls!

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