Postscript to PDF on Windows

I had to print a postscript file on windows. Adobe apparently hates people, so they don’t make their acrobat reader just read postscript files (which would make sense, since postscript and pdf are somewhat related).

Instead I had to install ghostscript, add its /lib and /bin directories to the system path, and then add an action to the file associations for postscript files to call ps2pdf with the filename and the filename concatenated with .pdf. Hooray for wasting a half an hour looking for examples on the internet. The key here is that it was not any harder to do this on windows than it would have been on linux, it’s just that everyone who does it on windows ends up writing a shareware GUI wrapper for it. That’s great if that’s your bag, but I just want to right click on it and do pdf. Actually, I might make that the default double click action — it just poots out a pdf, because when am I ever going to be dicking around in ps files?


Ugh. Stop writing shit in LaTEX. Just use html, then you wouldn’t have these problems. Jerks.

5 Responses to “Postscript to PDF on Windows ”

  1. Crap, I didn’t even notice that.

  2. These colors don’t run, Jesse. DON’T RUN.

  3. Damnit Jesse, I just got back to your doodlebop forum after forever, and was all reved up to join in the fray and it’s closed!!! Just short of the 400 mark!!! When are your finals over?

    Oh, sorry, I know I am intruding from the doodlebop world on your regular, more normal post routine. Hope you forgive me. And let me know (if and) when you’re going to open up comments again. I’m all ready for Michael. Hope you got your Mermadia wings.

  4. This is finals week right now.

  5. Then may the force be with you. Surprised you’re posting at all!

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