Programming Languages

Python would be great if it used braces and ignored whitespace.
C++ is great if you don’t use any classes.
Ruby on rails would be great if you could use another language.

9 Responses to “Programming Languages ”

  1. PHP would be great if it compiled?

  2. bash would be great if it were object oriented

  3. Scheme pwnZerz all.

  4. scheme would be great if it weren’t for the parentheses!

  5. BASIC on my TI-83 in 8th grade kicked ass… choose your own adventures and fortune tellers for all!

  6. Classes rock, motherfucker. ;)

  7. Why is that tinfoil man wearing blue flippers?

  8. programming would be fun if it wasnt for the languages.

  9. I don’t use languages anymore. I have visual point and click programming.

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