What the?

Dear Mediatemple who went to the bar with me last night,
I think that you know where this post is going, so I will leave the completion up to you.

With love,

Last night the rabbit took several limos full of nerds to a dive bar and paid for everyone to drink. In the limo I met a couple of guys from Mediatemple, one of whom told me a series of joke in order of descending taste. It was fairly amazing. I would post pictures, but my SD card reader is in my camera bag in the hotel. Instead, I may have to paint you a “word picture.”

  • Eventually the bunny removed her head, which was sweaty on the inside
  • I do not recommend drinking a pint of gin and tonic
  • One of the bartenders looked a LOT like Jennifer Tilly
  • I called Sarah to get assistance finding my room key
  • I woke up with my underwear on backwards

Right. I had peanuts for breakfast and hors d’oeuvre for dinner last night, which hopefully explains my rapid descent into madness.

6 Responses to “What the? ”

  1. Wow. Drunk Jesse thousands of miles away with a girl in a bunny suit and free alcohol. I didn’t realize you were a plushie.

    The story just writes itself, doesn’t it?

  2. Yeah, that gin and tonic stuff is deadly. Someday when you’re older and I’m incontinent and don’t care about my image anymore, I’ll tell you MY stories about gin-and-tonics and bar life.

  3. you followed the white rabbit?

  4. Oh, White Rabbit, you’re so silly.

  5. Jesse,

    Sorry about the backwards underpants thing. It’s this sort of little running ether-rag bit of a “gag” we have going. I was surprised at how eager the MetaTilly was towards getting in on the action. I’m also disappointed, though, that you didn’t follow the list of clues I left you to get to the special prize (hint: It’s what I get when I put a baby in a blender).

    Was nice to meet ya. Next time we’ll have someone buy us fun n’ tonics by the pitcher — after a huge He-Man steak dinner!


    Descending Taste Guy

  6. I feel so special. Is that why my anus was sore, too?

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