Law and Order

I’m going to crawl into bed soon, but I wanted to mention that while looking at my photos from the 2005 Gallery thing in New York, Sarah and I figured out that she was living one block away from my hotel during that trip. I had to go dateless to the banquet that year when I could have been putting the moves on her! One block!

In other news, holy shit. After years of playing close to the vest, pretty much everything is out in the open with Sarah. This is completely uncharted territory for me, so of course I am absolutely terrified. It’s awfully hard to pace the relationship given where I’m at emotionally, but I’m not scared of hard — especially when it involves a pretty girl. Especially if she’s bright, funny, and driven. Slow. Slow slow slow.


5 Responses to “Law and Order ”

  1. Try to think of it as astoundingly great karma!

  2. Try leaving a long discourse on how you want to marry her on your blog. That’ll work.

  3. Please keep the hooting and hollering to a minimum. !!

  4. Things are much easier when there are literally sparks flying between us! :)

  5. Carefull! Shit can catch on fire! Stay away from anything non-flame retardant.

    Okay, I just wanted to say retardant.

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