Another Photo Post

On Saturday, after I finished taking seven poops, timed approximately fifteen minutes apart, I went to the photo lab to do some printing for fun. Yes, after the hours and hours of tedium interspersed with minutes of raging uncontrollable anger making prints from my negatives, I went back of my own accord to print things.

Here are my mom and John walking through an orchard way back in the fall.
Mom and John.jpg

I assure you that it looks a little nicer as an 8x10 print.

Here is Paul looking not very much like his usual Paulasaurus self. We got up one morning to photograph the length of Hennipen. You can find his pictures on his site. They are tremendous. Paul doesn’t know it, but secretly he is one of my best friends.

Here is Lisa. I think that you all know Lisa. She’s good people.

Oh, Sarah! I was going to post this picture with the “It’s As Cold As A Foreigner Song” post that I am going to post later, but, you know, strike while the iron is hot and all that.
Sarah 2.jpg

4 Responses to “Another Photo Post ”

  1. Thanks for touching up that zit on my face, too!!

  2. Who’s that bald guy with John?

  3. That’s Grandpa Andy.

  4. Hmmm, he and John are getting awful close. I better do an intervention.

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