Baby, It’s Cold Inside

No, I don’t mean my stony wasteland of a heart, suddenly incapable of human emotion, I mean in the house where the furnace has magically stopped working. The gas company shipped us an enormous box that is whimpering and crying, so I think that it is full of orphans. I’m gonna make a big pile of them to sleep under.

I am currently wearing two sets of pajamas. Remember when I used to sleep in the nude? Of course you don’t, you weren’t there. But I’m sure that you’re imagining it now.

7 Responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Inside ”

  1. I am still bundled up in the Harris wool sweater, longsleeve cotton shirt & t-shirt underneath that. Still at school. 5 prints left to go!

  2. Sarah! I hope you can get some sleep this morning lady.

  3. We did have a heater downstairs you could have used. Or you could have stolen my massage table warmer. Mmmmm . . . warm heat, soft, sheepy fleece. Aren’t you pissed that you didn’t think of this last night in your double layer of fuckin’ jammers on the pile of bony orphans?

  4. I was under the oprhans which was plenty warm. :)

    As Wilco would snig: “I gotta box full of orphans, think you might like to eat.”

    Sarah, you had better be in bed by now!

  5. Was in bed around 5am or so. Woke up 15 minutes ago. Starving. Maybe I’ll have some of your orphans.

  6. GASP!!

  7. Sounds like our house, although our furnace mysteriously started working last night.

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