Operation Beef Hammer

Stephen Colbert is a genius. A GENIUS.
Operation Beef Hammer

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  1. I’m glad I was actually semi-awake to hear that part of the show. I wouldn’t have believed you otherwise.

  2. Dude Colbert didnt make up that mission name, its real as shit, SGT Clark is one of my best friends here and that is really the name of the mission the flag was flown on

  3. trevor: I understood that Colbert didn’t come up with the name — he’s just a genius in general. I didn’t have the episode so I couldn’t watch again to pick up the names of the people involved. If you care to share any details about the mission I’d be honored to post ‘em.

  4. I really dont know the specifics, i know that CW3 Jacobs came up with the name, our ARM (air Missions Request) office cant use the same name twice for missions, so more than likely it was something to do with a Navy operation called Air Hammer, but I dont know. By the way the dudes who sent it in are CPT Brian Burbank (he says 1LT, but hes a CPT now) and SGT Dustin Clark.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the update!

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