The Keathlys made cookies last night. I helped until I got kicked out for doing things like this:
Fucking Elephants

3 Responses to “Republicookieans ”

  1. As well you should. I didn’t teach you that stuff, you know. I was a good mother. I sacrificed. I slaved. I threw dishes and Christmas trees and tried to protect you from relatives, and I even tried to teach you manners and good taste and…and…and…… Well, I tried to teach you something. I can’t remember everything exactly for sure specifically what. But it was something. I’m sure it was something.

  2. Wow, she threw trees? Now that’s the kind of Christmas guilt that just keeps on giving. I hope you remember to add that post script on your Xmas list.

  3. I once made a Prince Christmas cookie. It was decorated with purple icing and had SLAVE written in chocolate jimmies, just like how he used to scrawl it across his face. Here’s to holiday debauchery—my favorite tradition!

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