Merry Decemberween!

Well, I suppose that if I were going to throw a Winter Ale Party I would need to plan it somewhat in advance of the end of December. Too late now!

So, the semester is over, hopefully never to return. Yesterday after the statistics final I went over to Sarah’s house to meet her brother and get my fill of pirates for the day via Pirates of the Caribbean II. Oddly enough, it was not the Kraken, the Octopus-headed “Davy Jones” (who looked nothing like the angel faced boy from the Monkees), or even the undead monkey that I had trouble believing, it was the ridiculous action: like the sword fight on the water wheel. Maybe that’s because ghost pirates and sea monsters are real.

Tonight I requested a night alone with my other girlfriend: the computer. No, not like that — at least not without dinner and some drinks first. I ended up napping on the couch for a while before figuring out that I was pretty much too tired to go sit upright at the computer and do anything, so I borrowed the laptop from upstairs. My own laptop is dead. Boo.

About an hour into it I remembered that my mom had promised me her old laptop for Christmas. A full-throttle drive to Saint Anthony Park later and, dude, I’m getting a Dell. Haha. Sigh. A new PC takes me a couple of days to get straight, what with the downloading of

Just saw a new commercial for Monk on USA: “You down with OCD? Yeah, you know me!” It’s not quite the genius Lenlow mashup, ABC + OPP, but you can’t have everything. Oh yeah, speaking of mashups, there’s a new Santastic Christmas mashup album out there. Let’s take back Christmas music, people, it doesn’t have to all be midi instrumentations from slightly creepy men who live on a converted farm in Iowa and try to raise their dark lord Cthulu by releasing music so soulless and cold that it eats the souls of everyone who listens to it.

What was I going to write about? It seems like every post fall semester is a new life — as though I have finally been cut from a slimy sac somewhere under Isengard and now I can finally go attack Helm’s Deep. Speaking of tangents:

Orc strategic error #1: there was no rush at Helm’s Deep. They should have first cut off all possible exits, then slowly terrorized the defending army with long range siege weapons while digging in to protect their flanks.

Human strategic error #1: what about earthwork defenses? They had running water, I say dig a moat.

Orc stategic error #2: no robots. I’m just saying.

Human strategic error #2: well, actually, they won, right? Never mind. This was an uncalled for diversion, and I apologize.

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