Merry Dec- Oh. Wait.

So, uh, I forgot that I was going to lead into a Christmas list for my mom, because she has asked over and over again to come up with some stuff that she could buy in the $0-20 range. I assume that she isn’t going to just grab something from a clearance end cap at Target and scrape off the ten orange price tags that each cut ten percent off of the price until it is essentially free.

So, in no particular order:

What’s on my amazon Christmas list?
What’s on my Christmas list?
Hey, look, b and h photo!

Plus, I could use the NewsRadio tv show in DVD box set form.
A nice 2gig compact flash card (or bigger!)
A monkey
A Wacom tablet
Another cardigan, perhaps in an earthy brown
Another nice hoodie, perhaps in a charcoal or dark gray.
Hellboy comics trade paperbacks #2 or #5
Any Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense comic or trade paperback
Preacher trade paperback #5
Doctor Who DVD box sets (the new ones!)
drawing pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
Laptop sleeve
Uh, shoot. I’m sure there’s more.

3 Responses to “Merry Dec- Oh. Wait. ”

  1. There are some pretty cool things on those Target end cap clearance sales. Why, I could hardly tear myself away from the adorable Mr. & Mrs. Santa salt n’ peppa shakers. Not only were they cute enough to bring a tear to my eyes, but they would be useful, too! Someday when you have your own home, you’ll thank me for thinking ahead for you.

  2. salt n’ peppa shakers?

    Push it REAL good!

  3. Huh?

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