Singing Christmas Carols in a Minor Key


I gotta admit that I was sad on Christmas.


Yes, I got to spend time with my extended extended family, but about two or three hours into the festivities on Christmas Eve I was struck by the knowledge that this was not really my family. I quickly exterminated that notion because family is just the people whom you love.


Christmas day was better and worse — dinner with the Schroders is a vastly more familiar experience and has that true familial ring to it, but as dinner was served that sad old Christmas feeling took a dump on me again. I commented that many of my friends had told me that they would be drinking their way through Christmas, and how nice it was to be around people that one can not only stand, but cherish. Then we all drank.

I don’t think that I was ever depressed by Christmas before. It’s such a meaningless holiday — I don’t know why it would matter now.

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  1. We don’t have the big extended family gathering. I don’t think either of us ever will. I would like to write something poignant and touching, but the reality is that it’s just plain sad.

    Next year we should just skip all this shit and crash in Renee’s small apartment in Hawaii.

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